Friday, October 27, 2006

And You Thought the Ghetto Party Was Something

Via Rachel:
In yet another case of blackface racism, a group of white Ohio football fans, including children, taunted their black opponents. The racist fans, including this white boy on the left, yelled racial slurs, painted their faces black, beat on frying pans, and wore Afro wigs when their team played a predominantly black opponent. This is really disturbing to see young children engage in this sort of behavior, which really challenges the whole kids are colorblind argument. The coach of the predominantly black team, Jeffrey Saffold, called the head of the youth football association for the white team to complain. Here is a quote from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
“I think this was a way of supporting the team by showing up in bigoted costumes to mock their minority opponent,” Saffold said.
Saffold said he twice previously complained to Hudson coaches about the use of the N-word.
He said after Sunday’s game, he complained to John Elffers, president of the Hudson Hawks Youth Football Association, who sent him a letter apologizing for the fans’ actions.
Elffers, however, said the first complaint he heard came Monday when Saffold called him and said parents of Shaker players were offended. Elffers said he doubted supporters meant to be offensive.
“Their actions, albeit unwise, foolish and insensitive, were meant to be totally supportive and not intended to insult or offend anyone in any way,” Elffers wrote in his letter to Saffold. “We regret what occurred and apologize for any righteous indignation these actions may have caused to the coaches, players, parents and family members of the Shaker football organization.”
Usually I'd get into the point of "Intent does not matter/is not the primary issue," or "lack of intent does not excuse," blah blah blah.

But this morning, I am tired after a hellish yesterday and what promises to be a grueling weekend. Thus I am not in the mood to be polite and am channelling the great Moksha and calling people on their B.S.

Stop fucking lying. What else could the intent have been? You can't support your team without being in blackface and beating a frying pan? It's a coincidence that you used such things when your kids were playing a "black" team? Stop acting surprised when people are offended. Own your shit!

Stop lying!

***Okay, I may revisit this and say something more articulate later on.***


Abadiebitch said...

LMAO! You read my mind. I read that over at Rachel's Tavern and thought the same thing. They know what they were doing. Someone needs to analyze pictures of all the items and antics that they did at every game and just break it in their ass.

Courtney said...

Amen!!! I read this yesterday and my first instinct was that I would LOVE to have heard them fully and thoroughly justify WHAT their intent was and HOW it was no racist.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I am so tired of folk hiding behind "that wasn't my intent." What the fuck ever. If you kill someone and you didn't intend to do it does that make the person any less dead. Either we are raising a bunch of stupid idiots that really can't grasp when they are being incredibly racist, or we are raising a bunch of brilliant sociopaths who know to hide behind "but I didn't mean to" because in this "color blind society where we have gotten past our race issues everyone knows that racism is not condoned..." What the fuck ever...

elle said...

all of you: exactly. i was tied up yesterday, so i missed this, but i just had to bring it up.

soul said...

they'll never stop lying because deep down inside, the kids are expressing exactly what they think and feel.

However, here's the thing, the person responsible for the other team should have brought during half time or something and they should have refused to go on the pitch.
It's about time we start actively condemn this type of behaviour and stop being 'good sports'
i.e. go along and play the game anyway, it sets our kids up to accept unacceptable behaviour in public.

PDiddie said...

Great new look here, to go along with some spitting outrage.

Makes me hot.

Kate said...

How could that NOT be their intent? WTF? How could this be read as anything BUT blatant racism? Ugh.

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