Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Quote

I'm starting to believe maybe my brain is in a phase of acute politicization. I saw this quote the other day and immediately thought, "Oh, is that the only example they could use? Is that really an innocent example?" Here it is, found on a flyer encouraging people to turn to Jesus (of course, my issue is not with people turning to Jesus--I often recommend it :-):
If you turn to God, you turn from sin. A turn to something requires a turn from something else. For example, if you turn to the west, you must turn from the east.
That is all.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Given the current political climate, the war, etc... this is a problematic quote. It is subtle and most would think nothing of it. But it is problematic.

elle said...


I'm so glad someone else sees it! My brain gets hyper some times then enters a period of burned out dullness ;-)

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