Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I'm Reading

Good morning, sunshines! Back at it again. Thinking about blogging ideas and as I stick my toes cautiously in the water, my ever-faithful cousin sends me topics. I've read a lot about the so-called "slavery" math problems and the proposed boycott of the Girl Scouts/Girl Scout cookies by a cisgender girl and her adult supporters who are appalled that the Scouts accept transgender girls.

Read and SYDH along with me.


Anita said...

A few friends and I were battering the Girl Scout cookie boycitt video last night on Facebook and some of them were exasperated that the video girl seemed to think "transboys" were trying to infiltrate the GSA--she didn't seem to know that the children in question were transgender girls. Anyway, all of us determined we'd buy double quantities of cookies this year in solidarity with the statement of the Colorado GSA and protesting this stupidity.

Now what it truly appalling is this steaming pile of fail coming from the school in Georgia, the justification for which is simply they were trying to incorporate social studies into math problems. What the heck are they teaching in straight social studies? Then, once again, the wrong word: The principal is going to make sure the questions are "respective" in future. Did he mean the disrespectful, racist, dumbass questions were going to be purely math and purely social studies in future, no respect but no mixing of the subjects anymore? What do they teach in vocabulary lessons? Even on the face of it this is stunningly stupid. As to intent, one doesn't even need to ask the question. No one can be that egregiously racist by accident.

It totally counts as writing, even if you just report the cloud formations you see overhead or what somebody said. I'm just so glad to see you posting something.

elle said...

Thank you, Anita. SO good to hear from you.

I was not at all surprised that one of the first things I read about the assignment was that, while it was "poorly thought out," it certainly wasn't racist.

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