Monday, January 16, 2012

Foodie in the Making!

The kid and I were watching Paula Deen and one of her sons talking about their years running "The Bag Lady." He was inspired. First, he told me he'd take my food and sell it door-to-door or at businesses. Aware of his own charm, he said, "I'd get ridiculous prices for it, too." Then he said, "We should get a van and drive it around the city and cook."

"Like a food truck?" I asked.


"You know the health department is all over those. We have to work hard and keep it super clean!"

I figured that would change his mind, he-of-the-science-project-on-growing-random-things-bedroom. But who I am to discourage my child's entrepreneurship/ideas? Maybe he'll really do it one day!

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Anita said...

That's priceless, getting to be there to watch his wheels turn and see that he thinks so highly of his supermom--and her cooking--that he's sure the whole world would pay a lot of money to have the same delicious food he enjoys. He's right, of course, but maybe he doesn't know quite yet that it can't be bought because it is made with a secret ingredient.

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