Monday, June 08, 2009

Things Heard 2

A few nights ago, my son and I were having a debate while having dinner. He considers himself quite the dancer and gives credit to people like Chris Brown and Omarion. When he told me that, I said, "They're all just copying Michael Jackson."

I thought it would be an off-handed, everyone-knows-that sort of comment.

My child laughed. How good could Michael Jackson be? This new crop of dancers had their own styles! Michael Jackson could not possibly be better than a whole bunch of young dancers whose names he rattled off.

This despite the fact that he himself salivates over the Thriller video.

"Wait," I said, with more than a little attitude, "until we get home!"

When we made it home, I sat him in front of youtube and played four or five MJ videos. He eventually admitted the supremacy of Michael Jackson, but then re-watched a couple of videos.

"What is it?" I asked, because he was all frowned up and staring at the screen.

"He looked a lot better when he looked like us!"


Kimberly said...


k8 said...

Sad, really. So much plastic surgery - it's a sickness,really. And doesn't he have that disease that news anchor has that makes a person paler. Regardless, I can't imagine that he ever had a remotely normal life.

cripchick said...

i just bought a record player last year and have been really surprised at how many songs are sampled that i thought were original! stevie wonder, mj, etc.

RageyOne said...

ha! so true!

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