Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Long OverDeuce Update

Deuce is practically an old man now--going on 13 months. Can y'all believe it? Anyway, I have pics from 11-12 months that I've been meaning to post forever!

Here he is, refusing to let me take something out of his mouth:

no you cannot dig this outta my mouth

With his "big" cousin:

the kid and deuce 2

the kid and deuce

I realized that he's always braided up and I wanted to see his hair down!

balcony four

balcony 3

balcony 2

Why, no, auntie couldn't braid my hair back; she can't even make a straight part!

the only way auntie elle can comb my hair

Things Deuce loves:

Drinking juice boxes (and yes, I think it's the cutest thing in the world!)

drinking my juice

Playing the scary sock-devouring monster from the black lagoon!!

the scary sock-eater



Knocking down and destroying picture frames

picture destroyer

picture destroyer 2

Things auntie elle loves:


elle and deuce

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amanda said...

OMG, I love his haiiirr!! Gorgeous boy with a gorgeous auntie :)

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