Sunday, May 03, 2009

I Never Thought I'd See Rodney King Invoked Like This...

To my beloved friends of color (well, except other black folk--do I have a surprise for y'all!)*

I don't mean to leave you behind as I march forward toward a racially utopian U.S., but I'm sorry; I have got to get to the Red House!!!!

Where black people and white people by furniture!

I'm so looking forward to going where black and white folk can "just get along."

A white person might hug me. Or shake my hand!

And I can get credit and possibly a chance to rock in a nice rocking chair!

Some background: mrs. o tipped me to this commercial:

Now, we didn't know what to make of it. I'm not going to lie like we didn't laugh until we cried, but we were debating:

"Were they serious?"

"Girl, I hope they were being funny"

"That can't be real!"

"Friend, I'm telling you... it's real."

(Hysterical laughing)

"Girl, that cannot be serious."

"But they look so sincere!"


"Look at the hand gestures."

"Big Head know he pumps about as much iron as I do!"

"Do you hear them singing like they're in church?"

"Did you know white people and black people used to need different kinds of couches and beds?"

(At this point, I screamed)

So, yeah, no real commentary here. I keep thinking I'm going to here this was a huge joke, southern satire maybe?
* Nevermind! They threw in a blanket "Hispanics and all people!" at the end. Whew!


cripchick said...

oh god, i recognized the area code immediately. not too far from here.

Hagar's Daughter said...

This has to be a skit from SNL, it has to be. Right?

RageyOne said...

wow. i dunno what to say after viewing that. i really wanna is that commercial airing in high point, NC?

Craig Dove said...

I was waiting for the "fine print" at the end, something like, "The Red House no longer endorses the late Jesse Helms."

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Someone sent this to me last week, and I, too, cracked up at it. I still don't know what to make of it, though.

Fire Fly said...

I believe it was a joke:

Lorelei said...

it was a humorous video but not meant as a joke; the red house furniture store staff made the video and meant it as a statement:

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