Friday, March 28, 2008

Sweet Suggestions?

So the ever-so-sweet Coti just brought me fresh strawberries. As in big, beautiful, out-of-someone's garden strawberries. I'm looking forward to eating them.

Thing is, I want to "do" something with them--I don't want to eat them plain. There's about a pint and, while I know how to make from-scratch strawberry shortcake, I don't want that (I'd need to buy more strawberries anyway).

Any suggestions?


k8 said...

This might be too close to the shortcake idea, but I love strawberries with whipped cream and angel food cake.

Some of them could make a nice dessert sauce, too!

Or, if you are looking for something healthier, they can be part of a fruit salad. They also taste nice with shredded coconut.

By the way, where you're from is strawberry shortcake made with a sponge cake or sweet biscuits?

Mathochist said...

Dip them in chocolate? Cut them in slices and put them in pancakes for tomorrow's breakfast?

oyster said...

Sorry if this is too frou-frou:

Cut, put in a cold bowl, add chopped mint and sugar, then splash with champagne.

RageyOne said...

Oh, I like them plain the best. If they are sweet, they don't need doctoring up in any fashion.

k8 said...

Ooh! The pancake idea sounds good. Another version is to add chocolate chips, too. We call them roadkill pancakes - it makes the kids laugh.

elle said...

We learned to make em with biscuits. But I have made it with sponge cake. And sometimes I really like the sauce with plain old yellow cake.

Pancakes... an idea because I plan to cook a big breakfast in the morning.

And oyster, that sounds so decadent and good.

Ragey, I swear they were still warm from the sun--they're just that fresh and good.

Bardiac said...

And you haven't eaten them up already? Wow, you have WAY more self-control than I would!

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