Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wait Until I Tell Vox...

Oh. She already knows.

Some kids in my neck of the woods, UL-Monroe, decided to do their own re-enactment mocking of the Jena Six case.

So, they go to the beach.

They roll around in the mud.

And then
three students with mud smeared across their bodies stomp on a fourth student, while two of the participants are heard to say, "Jena 6." One man can also be heard saying, "Niggers put the noose on."
One of the little darlings posted the video of the event on her facebook page:

When asked about it, she couldn't even come up with an original defense:
We were just playin n the mud and it got out of hand. I promise i'm not racist. i have just as many black friends as i do white. And i love them to death.
Now, I feel pretty confident in saying that black folk are pretty tired of self-proclaimed non-racist white people loving us to death. (Because really, y'all are killing us).

And I'm so waiting for the unoriginal defenses others will mount. You know, that "They didn't intend," and "They didn't realize it could be perceived as racist" and "It was just a joke" and on and on and on.

Damn. It must be nice to continually be given the benefit of the doubt.

H/T Jasmyne Cannick. And keep checking Vox's college racism round-up. Unfortunately, she has to add to it somewhat regularly.


KC said...

I still can't get over her response. It's like she based it entirely on the bingo card.

I'm going to have to break that roundup page into sections soon. :-(

Unknown said...

All I can say is "Wow." Truly disturbing.

k8 said...

That thoroughly disgusts me, but then I've never understood why/how it is funny to make fun of anyone for any reason. This, however, is far far beyond the bounds decency.

matttbastard said...

I bet within a week they all claim alcohol was the culprit and tearfully enter rehab.

The poor, poor little dears.


- matttbastard

Mathochist said...

This is so absolutely disgusting! The whole ordeal is, really (and thank you for continuing to write about it or I wouldn't know anything about it in here in liberal CO)... how atrocioius are these people! If they were kidding around, why the video??? Once again I am completely ashamed to be from Louisiana (and glad to be out of it)!

belledame222 said...


you know, it's shit like that that makes me rethink my position on corporal punishment.

or for that matter postpartum abortion.

the little dears, the little dears

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