Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Really, This Is Not Wholly a Post to Gain Your Sympathy

But **sigh** I moved back to Louisiana just when Bobby Jindal is about to become governor. And he's like, so sold on the whole American dream idea that he believes

"In America and here in Louisiana, the only barrier to success is your willingness to work hard and play by the rules."
Mm-hmm. That sparks a number of questions for our new governor: Who defines success? Are you really relying on the old "if you don't make it you're not working hard enough" trope? Who makes the rules? Are they the same for everyone? Is this statement really your take on all the problems Louisiana faces?

And then there are the other endearing facts about Jindal. He is apparently anti-hate-crime legislation, anti-gay rights, so willing to court fundamentalists that he ignores his biology degree, unwilling to vote to override the S-CHIP veto, and on and on.
Of course, I've only been back home a few months. But after reading:
Posts from the Anybody but Jindal blog
I'm sure this governorship is going to leave me with a bad taste. Oh, and just so you know more about my part of the state:
Jindal paid particular attention to north Louisiana, a conservative region that was widely viewed as critical to Blanco's victory four years ago. In a candidate forum in Shreveport earlier this month, Jindal said that he had visited the region 77 times since declaring his candidacy.
He visited my town this past summer. I snapped this pic from the car window, all the time thinking, "A Fresh Start for whom?!!":
Somebody come rescue this square peg!
The one good thing--in trying to read more about Jindal, I have come across some good Louisiana links.


Zan said...

His election spurred me to up my job search out of state. Seriously. He's already announced several new staff members -- who all have close ties to Bush and his crew. Oh yeah. This is gonna be great. *sigh*

elle said...

I'm thoroughly underwhelmed.

Professor Zero said...

This is a great post and links. I am very upset about Jindal.

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