Sunday, December 18, 2005

Too Conservative

I visit the blog by the above name pretty regularly, for a combination of factors. First, I like to see what the enemy is thinking :-p Seriously, to quote some of them, some of my best friends are conservatives--after all, I grew up in the rural South and am the daughter of a Baptist deacon and his saved and sanctified wife. The older they get, the more I feel like I sprang from somewhere else. And, if you have to read a conservative viewpoint, this blog is not as offensive to liberal sensibilities as some other sites. Finally, to borrow a quote from a distasteful individual who will remain nameless, I' m trying to learn "how to talk to a conservative (if you must)."

Anyway, the people over at Too Conservative were ragging on Kanye for his arrogance. I had to defend my guy-- I really do like Kanye, despite some of his less-than-stellar observations about women and college graduates. Would his arrogance, I asked at the end of my post, be perceived as confidence in a white performer?

They were objecting to Kanye's prediction that his autobiography would go down in the history books. My point was, even if you don't like him 'cause he skewered bush, (not that they would admit the fact they didn't like him 'cause he skewered bush), that doesn't negate the fact that he's smart and savvy enough to have his finger on the pulse of hip hop. Apparently, Barbara Walters and Time Magazine agreed with my humble observations.

To which some woman, named neocon something-or-the-other, responded that it was just like a lib to make race the key issue-- mind you, the particular quote he was referencing was not the key issue of my post, but came as a musing at the end. Still, you know how they freeze up then jump on words like "black" and "white." My sarcastic ass couldn't help the following response:

yep. just like a black liberal from rural louisiana... don't know where i got the idea that people saw race in this color-blind society; couldn't possibly have been from my liberating personal experiences in the backwoods South.

Like it or not, race is a key issue in some of our lives.

Sorry if that makes "neocons" uncomfortable.

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