Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Ode to Our Executive Spy...

They cried…

Smaller government!
Less oversight!
(Except on abortion
and civil rights).

Respect our privacy!
Leave us alone!
(Except all the rooms
of gay folks’ homes).


Our golden boy
Got caught spying.
My oh my,
It stopped our crying.

Narrow construction?
Who said thus?
Broad executive powers
Are fine by us!

The Voting Rights Act,
we insist
Was passed during a crisis
that no longer exists

No comparison
with the Patriot Act.
We’ll elevate the alert
to prove that fact.

So don’t think of it as spying.
No indeed!
Just careful watching,
A compassionate deed.

And if the thought bothers you
just a bit.
Be prepared for our cry:

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