Thursday, April 16, 2009

Support Justice for Angie Zapata

From VivirLatino:
Angie Zapata was a transgender woman who was brutally murdered in Colorado last year. Next week, her killer goes to trial, and an online campaign by ProgressNow Colorado is encouraging us to remember Angie’s life and death at this difficult time.

Light a Candle for Angie is a Facebook application designed to draw attention to the issue of hate crimes. If you are a Facebook member, why not join the iniative?

If you are a Twitter member, you can follow all of the activities around the online campaign by adding Justice for Angie, or searching #zapata for other online conversations around anti-hate activism in Angie’s name.
H/T bfp


mrs. o said...

Elle, this brings tears to my eyes. I had just finished reading about Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, an 11 year old boy who hung himself last week because of bullying when I came to your site and read this. He was determined to be gay by his peers because of his positive behavior at school and because he went to church with his mom. This is just devastating on so many levels.

mrs. o said...
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mrs. o said...

Elle, I apologize. The above written comment was meant for your blog about Jaheem Herrera.

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