Saturday, November 24, 2007

CoRA, Edition Six

Please get in your submissions for the Carnival of Radical Action.

...for the sixth edition of the Carnival of Radical Action, Vox and I want you to explore making radical history. How do we create and participate in radical history? And how do we chronicle it?

Some food for thought:
• How do radical activists incorporate history into their activism?
• What are the processes involved in forming radical, history-shaping movements in our day and age (i.e. how do we initiate, shape, translate into action our responses to injustice and violence against and within our communities)?
• How do we learn from the past and incorporate radical themes in our work?
Deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 29.


Kate said...

I missed the deadline, but... I have also tagged you for a meme.

Ravenmn said...

Is there anything I can do to help you move this along. You both seem so busy.

I have a couple I posted yesterday that you can use, but not if it causes you any problem.

Those are some cute kids!


Francis Holland said...

Helping our neighbors start blogs about the problems they face is inherently radical. Blogs connect us to our neighbors for information, support and intra-community organization, in a way that nobody but us controls. That's inherently radical.

Revelations and ruminations from one southern sistorian...