Monday, July 09, 2007

The Jena Six--What We Can Do

Thanks, Clare, for more info:
Get Involved!—Write, email, or call one of these local organizations:

The Jena 6 Defense Committee
PO Box 2798,
Jena, LA 71342

Friends of Justice
507 North Donley Avenue
Tulia, TX 79088

ACLU of Louisiana
PO Box 56157
New Orleans, LA 70156
(417) 350-0536
I'll be adding to this post all day. It's been on my mind for a couple of days, but I kept telling myself, "Get everything together." Only, being the procrastinator I am, if I wait until I've compiled all the ideas and resources, I'll never get it done.

1. Sign the petition:

(Thanks Tom and Sylvia).

2. Donate to the Friends of Justice (there's a link in the post).

3. Kevin started a Facebook group and cause for the Jena Six.

4. Grab this animator. (I'm trying to figure out how to put it on my sidebar. Is that possible? Am I totally technologically unsavvy?)

Action Updates

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

5. From blueintheface at DailyKos:

Please contact:
Senator Mary Landrieu
webpage contact link
(202) 224-5824

Senator David Vittner
webpage contact link
Phone:(202) 224-4623

Rep Bobby Jindal
webpage contact link
Phone: (202)-225-3015

Rep William Jefferson
Phone: (202) 225-6636

Rep Charlie Melancon
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-4031

Rep Jim McCrery
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-2777

Rep Rodney Alexander
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-8490

Rep Richard Baker
webpage contact link
Phone: 202-225-3901

Rep Charles Boustany
webpage contact link
Phone: (202) 225-2031

Please call these representatives and leave a message. Tell them that Americans won't stand for racism and ask them to get involved. Let's bring political pressure to bear on District Attorney Reed Walters to stop using the Louisiana justice system to discriminate against African-Americans. For Mychal Bell and the rest of the Jena 6, we need to speak up. Our voices will make a difference!

blueintheface reiterates what Friends of Justice outline as needed responses:

Restoring justice to Jena will require the following:
· The Louisiana State Police must be assigned to the investigation of the alleged fight at the school.
· District Attorney Reed Walters must recuse himself from the investigation and prosecution of the black defendants in the alleged school fight of December 4, 2006 or the incident at the Gotta Go Convenience store on December 2, 2006.
· The legal cases cited above must be transferred to an alternative venue.
· A special prosecutor must be assigned to prosecute whatever charges (if any) are deemed appropriate on the basis of an independent state police investigation.
· The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice should launch a full investigation into events in Jena, Louisiana, beginning with the noose incident of August 31, 2006, and culminating in the alleged fight of December 4, 2006 to determine if the civil rights of Jena residents have been violated.
· The inaction of the LaSalle Parish School Board on the noose incident represents a clear violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Therefore, a written complaint should be filed with the U.S. Department of Justice.
· The LaSalle Parish school system must institute a rigorous program of diversity education beginning in elementary school and continuing through high school with a particular focus on the history of race relations in America and the virtues of pluralism, mutual respect and equal opportunity. In addition, a yearly, system-wide in-service diversity training program must be provided for teachers and administrators.
6. Circulate this:

and this: "Injustice In Jena As Nooses Hang From The 'White Tree',"

and here is a link to a CNN Video.

7. I have talked to LA public defender Jason Williamson, who works in New Orleans, but who's keeping an eye on this case. He's in touch with the parents of the boys and has promised to let me know of local efforts to raise funds and encourage support.

8. Check out whileseated.

More later.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

I signed the petition. Thanks for keeping us updated on thsi, Elle. I've been checking out your blog.


Tom said...

Elle I've had no luck with the headline animator either. On my sidebar, it comes out too small to see.

elle said...

mine, too, tom. it cuts it in half.

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing all this, elle and for keeping us updated.

Sylvia said...

Dr. Elle, you are wonderful. :D

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Elle, you rock. Thanks for the updates!

Cooper said...

I don't use blogger any longer but
if the templates are similar to what they were you should be able to insert the code into the sidebar, but the smaller version such as I have at my site.

You may also be able to put it as is into the footer of this template.

Thanks for this information.
I came from Kevin's.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thanks Elle for raising awareness another level.

Tom said...

Hi, Elle.

A kind petition signer just tipped me off that Democracy Now has picked up the Jena Six story.

Also the petition topped 1,500 names today.

Roman SANCHEZ said...

Hi Elle, Roman from France. I have made a blog myself as soon as I read about it. At first I thought it was an old story from the 50's... and when I realized it was last year, I couldn't believe it.

Some people in France heard about that story. I don't really know what we french people can do but at least I want peple to know about it. I will follow the trial result and make as much noise as I can about it.

Hope they just free them all.

With lots of love from Southern France where I sure hope this will never happen.

My blog is in French, I'm also spanish and will translate it.

alyceclover said...

This is rather routine. Jena can become a statement for those who are sick and tired of racism and bigotry by showing up in Jena on September 20th the day assigned for Mychal Bell's sentencing.

Thank you for the info about the Senators.

Unknown said...

I signed the petition on your site, on the NAACP site, told all of my family and friends, passed the word on MySpace, and listened to both interviews from R2C2H2 in regards to this issue.
If you'd like to read my article on the topic, click this link:

Unknown said...

I think you are going about this all wrong. You don't free the wrong because some stupid people are making bad judgments. You rally to make them prosecute the others that have done wrong. They still have time to file charges. The boys did wrong. They should have some form of punishment. The others who did wrong should also be punished. It should not matter if they are white or black. Wrong is wrong. But what would you be teaching the boys if you rally to let them all go free? Nothing! Make the government admit to the mistake of not charging the others involved with their wrong actions. If it is criminal, charge them. If it is school related and you don't like what the superintendent did, vote him out. Don't teach our children that you can beat another person and be freed because you don't think the justice system is fair. Teach them to challenge the justice system and get results. This stays a race issue because you let it. You have a voice, use it to change the politics, the justice system, not to free people who break the law.

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