Wednesday, June 06, 2007


World history is kicking this girl's ass!!! But, would I be deemed too much of a nerd if I admit that I'm enjoying it? And that I can now pronounce Pisistratus? And that I got my students to engage on different theories of why some early civilizations are "understudied?"

My students really got into the lecture on Sparta--one of them told me, "You should see 300." I started to direct him here. Indeed.

Today is BFL's mother's funeral, so I'm getting out of here momentarily. Up until yesterday, she was managing, with this effort that sort of showed in her face and in her words, to hold it all in. Primarily, she stays busy. We've had a hand in everything--picking out the coffin, the dress, finding people to dig the grave, answering the phone, preparing food for all the family that has come from out of town. But yesterday, she wasted some of the baby's milk and she started to cry. She called me and said, "People keep calling saying, 'If there's anything you need' and I want to tell them, I need my mama."

So, think of her, pray for her today.

And I'll be back shortly.


Courtney said...

You've hit on my big fear about teaching world hist: mispronouncing the hell out of everything. Keep me posted. I'm cheering for you!

AradhanaD said...

OMG!!! I was part of 'curriculum' (JK)... I'm so honoured Dr. Elle!!!!

Kiki BE said...

I'm thinking of your friend and wish all the best for her, you and her family during this difficult time.

Also continued success with your teaching! It must be so hard picking up a new field like that.

RageyOne said...

Oh, that comment from BFL made me tear up. Many prayers out to her. :(

Glad to hear teaching is going good for ya!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I'll keep BFL in my thoughts and prayers.

Glad the class is going well... Welcome to your life... :-)


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