Wednesday, April 04, 2007


...from one brilliant, funny woman. I present the "elle cheer," a most encouraging modification of an old standby:
*picks up pompoms*
Who’s a doctor of history?
What do we want?
A P. H. D.!
When do we want it?
I love my blog friends.


Anonymous said...

yay, i'm doing that cheer right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Please excuse me while I get my cheer on!


Sylvia said...

Wait until we all get together and do the opening cheer of Bring It On.

She's cool!
She's hot!
She's everything you're not!
She's intelligent and cute!
She's fabulous to boot!
She's Elle, and she
Will get her Ph.D.!

*shakes her pompoms*

Goooooooooooo ELLE!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! We should ***all*** have cheers as we go through the diss process. You go, girl! ;-)

Julie said...

I love the cheer... I'm doing some spirit fingers and jumps for you right now... :P

Blackamazon said...


* TWo s plits and a spin*

Go elle go elle!!!!!!!!!!

Camel kick

Courtney said...

Elle, Elle!
She's our girl!
When it comes to labor history
She'll rock your world!

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