Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Week from Hell

1. My radiator and water pump died this summer. After a couple of patch it 'til later jobs (no one ever identified the problem before this weekend), I had to finally take it to the dealership this Saturday (didn't want to crack the heads--w/ my finances if I do that kind of damage, I might as well set the thing up on cylinder blocks and start auctioning off parts). Final total? $964.13.

2. After a significant push, I got the fourth-chapter-which-is-really-chapter-six into advisor's hand. Only thing is, she has an upcoming research trip and may not get to it until after the 24th. Can we say on pins and needles?

3. E-mail from the kid's teacher requesting that I come in for the second conference of the school year (and school's only been in a month). Where as I'm ready to give up and say, "Maybe he should've repeated second grade," she has the gall to be caring and determined and say "He doesn't understand because he doesn't apply himself. This cannot go on. We must figure out how to reach him." The nerve of her!

4. I still can't get a handle on my real chapter four. It's too similar too my chapter two. (This may not all be bad--guess what advisor said: as I glance over your outline again, I see how you might find it difficult to keep ch 4 distinct from ch 2. Maybe you will find a way, but if they keep converging, that might be a sign they need to be one chapter. Nothing wrong with 5 chapters. Nothing wrong with 5 chapters??!! Hurrah!) Maybe I'll call Quinn in on this one.

5. Family coming this weekend for a big football game. Actually, they'll be here tomorrow night--good b/c my mom can go to conference with me Friday for moral support and so, when she gets on the Kid's ass, she'll know exactly why. But bad b/c between now and tomorrow, I have to make a concerted effort to wash the sheets and towels we've used this week, vacuum (Which. I. Hate.) and clean the bathroom from top to bottom. The bathroom is my own personal demon--my sister never even worries about it b/c she knows that I attack it with a vengeance usually reserved for dessert.

You have to be ever vigilant b/c living with two little boys, it will quickly smell like a truck stop. They pee in the general direction of the toilet, I believe. Which is okay, because, tonight they're getting some latex gloves and taking their little asses to work. I want them to see that I'm serious when I'm screaming, "You don't have a maid!!" (And yes I use latex instead of rubber for cleaning. Don't ask why).

6. Something really terrible is going on with my body.

7. I have to make a concerted effort to get deep into chapter 5 today. I messed around with 6 so much, that I don't think I'm going to make my Sept 30 deadline for ch 5. We'll see.

8. I am sleepy and I have a headache. Already. And the class I TA for doesn't start til 10!

Whatever your thing is--prayer, positive thoughts, good vibes--think of me. All weak attempts at humor aside, I need it right now.


Quinn said...

a) 5 chapters would be fantastic. Take that as a positive. You've made tremendous progress these past few months. Pat yourself on the back.

b) I just turned in the draft, so I take full guilt for hassling Advisor and keeping her from your stuff.

c) ah, yes, pee. I'm not sure if my little girl is much better.

d) major good vibes heading eastward. Miss you. Take care.

RageyOne said...

Wonderful that you got the chapter to your advisor.

I hope the conference with the teacher goes well.

Sending good thoughts your way...

Rebecca said...

He doesn't apply himself? For crissakes, the kid's in second grade! geesh.

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