Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dissertation Update

Well, got the review of the latest chapter back from Advisor. Let us just say much revision must ensue. Which is why I am up at this ungodly hour--trying to find and pull together secondary sources before I venture out for the day.

Initially, I was worried about Advisor's response, but the good thing about her (and about revisions in general, I guess), is now I know exactly what she'd like to see--ambitious as it is. ;-p She's always very (read: brutally) clear.

Sometimes I wish this woman settled for mediocrity. But I'm really, really glad she doesn't.


Quinn said...

much revision must ensue

So long as a tussle didn't ensue!

Good luck. You're making great progress. Keep it up.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I had co-advisors for my dissertation. I guess I was just glutton for punishment. But, one of my advisors was rough with her comments. I would get a chapter back from her and I swear I couldn't write for a week after getting them. I tease her today about her hazing. But back then, a sister didn't have any jokes. I will say this getting clear and direct feedback from one's dissertation advisor is better than getting none. I've heard horror stories that make me cherish my advisor's hold-no-bars feedback. LOL. Just keep writing those chapters and get it done.

RageyOne said...

Glad you got some usable feedback!

Elle said...

q- you know you're inspiring my repeated use of "ensue," right? i figure, if i sprinkle it liberally in the chapter, she might be taken by it, too. ;-p

g- my dissertator group assures me of the same thing, that I'm going to appreciate the fact that she doesn't rubber stamp everything. in truth, she & my group (especially the marvelous quinn;-) have made this thing so much better through their feedback and suggestions. to be honest, i was in truly uncharted waters--i had/have lots of potential, but I didn't (sometimes stil don't)know what the hell I was doing! actually, as long as this is turning out to be, i may post about it.

r- thanks! it is infinitely usable and, if i'm honest, some of it i knew. but i was ready to let it fly from my hands--just a bit aggravated that it apparently crash-landed ;-p

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