Friday, September 15, 2006

100 Facts about Elle in 100(ish) days (2)

Fact #2

My initial chosen career path was that of a counseling psychologist. My BA is in psychology. I'd started a Master's program, been given an assistantship and everything but...

I didn't like my advisor,

I didn't want to do a 48-hour program,

I firmly believed I was going to run across some people who couldn't be helped nor rehabilitated,


I remembered how much I loved my African American Studies minor,

I drifted into a couple of history classes at the same school,

I took a seminar in which I wrote a paper about psychological factors at play in the Cuban Missile Crisis,

I spent a lot of time with government documents (especially Congressional records),

I found the prayer given in Congress the day after JFK's assassination,

I found a poignant, gracious letter from Jacqueline Kennedy to Nikita Khruschev's wife written during the former's last days in the White House,

I knew right then that I could do this type of research, in some shape or form, for the rest of my life.

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