Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Only in the South...

Conversation between my sister and me:

"I left jackets out for the kids."


"Mm-hmm. The weather guy said it will be cool tomorrow."

"I heard. Only up to 80-something huh? And 60 something in the morning! That is cool. Maybe they should wear [long] pants?"

"I don't know. And undershirts--we may not make it til October 1st without the undershirts."

"I wonder why it's getting cold so fast?"


Quinn said...

crazy crazy crazy!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

As someone who lives in cold and snowy Syracuse I'm gonna have to shake my head at this one. LOL.


Elle said...

I realized, shortly after we had that conversation, how strange it owuld sound to Northerners.

ginviren said...

I used my heater for the first time yesterday morning on my drive to work. It was pretty chilly (55*) and I think I'm coming down with something anyway....stupid cold.

As for the Southerners/Northerners thing, my current boss is a Northerner. He was laughing his butt off at us in our long sleeves and jackets when it was 50-60* outside. Meanwhile, fast-forward three months later, and we're laughing at him sweating through his expensive suits in the 100+* weather.

It all evens out. ;-)

Terrence said...


Being from St. Louis, I appreciate the fall and winter seasons here.

They are a breeze. Not brutal at all.

Not to deride anyone, but I really get a kick out seeing the fashionable leather coats and jackets come out in 55-60 degree weather.

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