Monday, September 18, 2006

the internet, racism and women of color

That title is stolen verbatim from BfP. You see, it seems that self-proclaimed liberal blogger TRex over at Firedoglake decided to take on Liza at culturekitchen for some observations she made about Bill Clinton's meeting with 20 liberal bloggers, none of whom were black or Latino. Only, TRex, who has decided that he is included in a group of what he calls Liza's "betters," did not think enough of Liza to comment on what she said. Instead, he attacked her grammar and her "whining." Mind you, there was nothing maybe even a little bit racist about his post because 1) anyone who reads a white man asserting that a woman of color has "betters" is crazy if s/he thinks that there may be some "racist baggage" in said assertion and 2) he's gay and therefore a minority himself and incapable of being racist. Ooh, plus he has some black and Latino friends! And he's soooo progressive that he feels the need to smugly mention his colorblindess:
We don’t work with any of those people because of their ethnicity. We love them because they are all outstanding bloggers, awesome writers, and good friends.
But, okay, my sarcasm is getting on my own nerves, The point of this post was actually to direct you towards BfP's wonderful post on the issue. As usual, she's right on point.

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