Thursday, September 14, 2006

100 Facts about Elle in 100(ish) days

Yep, I'm doing it. It gives me a topic even when I don't have a topic. I wanted to start with 100 and count down, but math is not my strong suit and I'm afraid I'll get lost. So

Fact #1

I was a club kid. No, not like Michael Alig and them!! I was never that cool... or high... or murderous.

Anyway, I was one of those really annoying kids who belonged to everything rural schools have to offer: 4-H, FHA, FBLA, I Care (most of the names have changed), Band, and anything else I wanted to have listed beside my picture in the Senior yearbook.

Only, I switched high schools and none of it mattered. But, at my second high school I was class secretary and pretty popular for a fat, awkward, smart girl.

Of course, it was a school for awkward, smart kids. Still, we managed to have cliques--different strata of geekdom, I suppose.

And before I digress any further, that is all. Oh, except to say that it probably is a good thing to get your kids involved in something before they get themselves involved in something less desirable. :-)

Yeah, that was my point.

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