Monday, July 24, 2006


So, this morning I had to get up way too early to give a friend a ride to a city about an hour away from here. He expects to be here from 10 to 3, so I have amuse myself for waaaay too long. Some observations from my drive and my attempts to productively occupy my time:
  1. All Sean Paul's songs sound alike.
  2. On the way here, while driving on the interstate, we saw a military tank. My first time seeing one close up, so I sort of paused beside it to look. That, in turn, made the man behind me flash the lights of his truck. Only, you don't rush me when I'm driving--no flashing the lights or blowing the horn, etc. So, bitchy as I'm feeling, I slowed down even more.
  3. Which reminds me. Why do I call the interstate "the interstate" when I'm in Louisiana but the same thingis the freeway in Texas? And why is the "feeder" in Texas the "service road" here?
  4. Ooh, Lord, T-Pain works my nerves.
  5. Rihanna's "Unfaithful" is a little creepy.
  6. From my driving in circles, it would seem that the parish library is closer to this city than the city's own library.
  7. Why does the library have only 10-15 computers open to the public? I actually had to wait!
  8. Why couldn't I buy a margarita while having lunch yesterday in a neighboring town, because they don't sell alcohol on Sundays, BUT today, when I go through that same town, I might stop at the drive thru liquor store and get up to a 44-oz mixed drink. Trust they are efficient, however--they'll put a piece of tape across the top to make sure customers of their drive thru liquor store don't drink and drive.
  9. I'm sleepy. With four hours to go. And no inclination to pull out the work I brought.


RageyOne said...

On #3 - I do the same thing. Whenever I go to TX I always refer to it as the freeway and I only do that when I go to TX. It is interstate everywhere else and the same thing with service/feeder road. I knew one lady who called it a furniture road. She was from the Carolina's and someone up the east orginally.

LOL! Those drive-thru liquor stores are too much!

ginviren said...

I guess I'm just an oddball! I call the interstates in Texas "interstates." I call the feeder/service roads "access roads."

And drive-thru liquor stores?? Crazy!

nubian said...

i hate...wait, HATE rhiannas song. it sounds like she is a drowning cat--whoever told this girl she could sing was misinformed.

and yes, that song is creepy. i don't wanna be a murderer my ass..

i wanna commit suicide everytime i hear that song and her voice. a murderer she is indeed

Elle said...

ginviren: drive thru liquor stores are a time-honored institution here.

nubian: i think you got exactly how i feel about that song...

Anonymous said...

Well, I've lived in Texas most of my life and found that 'feeder' is a rural Texas term, while 'service' or 'access' roads are urban/suburban terms. You say tomato, I say tomahto...

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