Wednesday, July 26, 2006


...which is what older people in this area call diabetes and what many are convinced, regardless of age, causes the disease. My mom told me yesterday that one of my nieces, the 17-year-old who is a self-proclaimed diva, has diabetes. When we went to see her about it, she was depressed. Understandably so--she has an illness that is going to change her routine and her life. But, she was depressed for another reason, too. She can't reconcile the fact that she--a physically attractive, weight-and-appearance conscious girl--has a disease that she had decided was a concern of old-and/or-fat people.

Seriously. She just doesn't believe she has diabetes while her much heavier, older sister, doesn't. And yes, she said as much. Along with the repeated wail, "I'm not even fat!" To which my mom and her other grandmother said, "You don't have to be." I just bit my tongue. And sis damn near swallowed hers.

Since I am her aunt, I've decided not to be my usual sarcastic, offended self. Instead, I'm compiling information for her about diabetes, hoping to help her gain the knowledge to live a long, healthy life. I can school her on the rest later.

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