Friday, July 14, 2006

In the Midnight Hour...

...when your sleepy 8-year-old doesn't want to sleep and you're riveted to a page-turning article about the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act's effect on the poultry industry, conversations like this happen:

The Kid: I saw a little bit of Catwoman today.
Elle: Mmm.
The Kid: She moves like Spiderman.
Elle: All the computer stuff?
The Kid: No, Halle Berry.
Elle (rolls eyes): Okay.
The Kid: You think they're together, like married in real life?
Elle: Who?
The Kid (sighs in exasperation): Spiderman and Catwoman?
Now, I think this would be a fitting match because I didn't like that Spiderman movie--couldn't believe all the money it raked in--and Catwoman... Halle, Lord, Halle. But...
Elle: Um, doesn't Spiderman like that MJ girl? Mary Jane?
The Kid: Oh, yeah. But I saw a cartoon, a real one in a book, and she was dead. They-
Elle: Please go to sleep!
Silence and then a disgruntled parting shot.
The Kid: Mama, you know Spiderman is fake, anyway?

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RageyOne said...

LOL! Very funny conversation indeed!

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