Monday, February 13, 2006


I really don't have much to say (I haven't had much to say in the last week, you'll note), but my liberal bias compels me to comment on the fact that our vice president shot someone. And not even in the cool, I-challenge-you-to-a-duel manner of the great Aaron Burr (ha-ha). Oh no. This was a hunting, ahem, accident.

On second thought, this might be too absurd to even comment on.

Except to mention that all Michelle Malkin can think about is how the Dick, great servant of his country, is going to be maligned by liberals. She said that, really, though I am paraphrasing.

Isn't the shooting of another, innocent (though he appears to be a conservative and friend to the Dick so my sympathy is really more of the generic, hope-you-get-well type than any personal concern :-) human being kind of a self-maligning act? Don't you malign yourself by doing that?

God, he's such a.... um... let me think... well, for lack of a better word...


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