Tuesday, February 28, 2006

South Dakota--Updated...

...or is it backdated? As in dragged into some era from decades ago. Anyway, I don't feel the usual smugness and self-righteousness as I mutter, "I told you so." Yep, the state legislature voted to make abortion illegal. And, because we weak, fickle women really have no idea of what we're doing and no business deciding what goes on with our bodies, it's not us who will "get into trouble" for having an abortion--it's the doctor who provides it. Not that any South Dakota doctor does.

But, hey! This gives South Dakota women opportunities they never dreamed of. They can now prolong their rapists' (or their uncles' or fathers' or whatever) assault on their bodies. They can learn more about their reproductive organs as they navigate those clothes hangers through sensitive territory. They can develop new tolerance for pain as they douche with caustic substances. They can experiment with drugs and herbs in never-before imagined combinations. And, most importantly, the silly ninnies may learn that doing something as offensive as CHOOSING TO HAVE AND ENJOY SEX without the goal of reproduction will result in an 18+ year "punishment."

***Damn, I forgot we were still pretending this was about protection and not punishment.***

I mean, the opportunities just boggle the mind!

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ginviren said...

I wish I could say, I can't believe this is happening...but sadly, that's not true.

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