Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Lesbianization Peril

The insomnia is at work again. And since it leaves my brain too frazzled to do any "real" work, I am simply surfing the blogosphere. I just found a blog oriented towards black readers at I'd never heard of it, so I thought I'd go explore. A few minutes into, I found a post entitled Lesbianizing the Black Woman. In case you thought it was getting better, I'm here to let you know that homophobia is still apparently alive and well in black communities.

The author of this post begins by sharing a story of some woman's discontent w/Elise Neal's provocative pose with another woman for King magazine (got that?). This picture is symbolic of black men's attempts to "lesbianize" black females. The author agrees with this brilliant analysis. She warns us that this trend is going to bite men on the butt as they "turn" sisters lesbian--her insightful question: "If women start taking more to women than to men, who then will these men be with?" Her warning is based on keen personal observation:
None of my girlfriends are gay or were gay growing up or ever showed any inclination to being gay, but many have now had homosexual relationships at the urging of their men and they are liking it… A LOT!

OK, aside from the blatant anti-gay tone, the "warning" that straight black females are on the verge of becoming endangered, the belief that people can be "turned gay," the creation of some social "problem" from a picture that was designed to excite viewers, the presentation off questionable information to support the theory... well, there really is no "aside from" all that. I was just amazed that all this was presented as a legitimate argument/point/theory. I was also frightened that it seems the author took time and thought deeply on this.

But, most disturbing of all was the last paragraph:
This beautiful Sista had twin girls and a fine Brotha as her husband, but she threw that away to carry on her lesbian lifestyle. In other words, she took away her children's Father so she could do nothing more than have sex with other women.

I suppose it never crossed her mind that "this beautiful sista" may have had more than sexual feelings, that love and caring and respect and liberation may have been more fulfilling than having a fine brotha as her husband.


Blackhoney said...

I'm glad to see you enjoyed my post... lol :)

Please check on Strongblackman's thoughts and you'll be even more overjoyed!

Elle said...

strongblackman who basically believes all black women are mindless followers of a virulent "white-lesbian-feminist" agenda? i wish i was strong but i know the masochist in me is going to look up what he has to say **sigh**

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