Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Bit of Insight

just looked at the blog's description and realized that i promised you some mommy insights (should be mama insights, i suppose, as that is what the kid calls me). as i haven't delivered (though remind me to post real soon about our conversation-on-gays that we had to have because he eavesdropped on a conversation i was having with my cousin about brokeback mountain), i thought i'd share this quickie.

my nephew and my son just walked into the room to tell me goodbye. they are going, they have decided, to mississippi. why mississippi, you ask? listening to someone talk about david banner, undoubtedly (remind me to discuss their totally age-inappropriate fascination with hip-hop, too). i looked up at them worriedly (i was typing that last rambling post), opened my mouth to warn them about the potential trials and travails of two young black men traveling through mississippi, then snapped it shut.

you see, my son just got a weekly reader that discussed the efforts of mlk, jr. and rosa parks. we read a book about ruby bridges together and he was totally enthralled by the fact that our home church dimmed the lights and sang "we shall overcome" a cappella on sunday, january 15. he's feeling the crm triumphs and he's bold enough to venture into mississippi. so, for today at least, i won't discuss medgar evers and goodman, schwerner, and chaney and the hateful ross barnett and all the other reasons everyone but SNCC thought mississippi was a lost cause. i'll focus on fannie lou hamer and james meredith and even david banner. they'll learn about the rest soon enough.

or maybe, they won't.

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