Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I was all set to be wary of this man based on his anti-choice stance alone. Well, that and the fact that any person that conservatives wholeheartedly endorse and love sends chills up my spine. But anyway, I was listening to my secret boyfriend, Tavis Smiley, this morning, and he raised some issues that I wasn't even aware of. See, Mr. Smiley knows that black America can't be convinced to protest against someone because s/he's anti-choice or anti-gay rights--hell, large sections of our community share those sentiments. So he had to tell us more about Mr. Alito. And he did quite an impressive job.

Like pointing out that Mr. Alito is against one person, one vote.

And, that, in 15 years on the bench, during which numerous cases of racial discrimination in hiring/employment came before him, he never once, NOT ONE TIME, ruled with the plaintiff.

Oh, and he has no problem with making it harder for people to prove cases of sex and/or disabilty discrimination either.

Yes, I'm taking secret boyfriend at his word. I love him, after all.

And I'm going right now to read more about Samuel Alito so when I do write the blog entry protesting his ass, I can do it with confidence, knowledge, and facts--the last two of which wouldn't be necessary if I was a conservative writer but...

In the meantime, check out http://www.bushvchoice.com/ if, like I was, you're content to lambaste Alito on his anti-choice stance alone. I'll be saving the Alito blog for January 22, I suppose, the Blog for Choice Day.

Trust me, it'll be worth waiting for!

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Dondre said...

Hey Kay,

If you know of any resources or places to go to read more on Alito, please send them my way. I'm having difficulty framing my arguments (although I know very clearly what I need to say.) So, a little help in the preparedness category is needed on my side. Thanks for all your posts.


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