Friday, January 06, 2006

Almighty... or not?

I have a question to ask my fellow Christians of a more conservative bent. I thought you guys believed Jesus was an all-powerful, vengeful god (purposely lower case) perfectly capable of dealing with situations and mortals with whom He might take issue. And then I clicked on AOL today and found out that some conservatives are bothered by the TV show "The Book of Daniel." So, my question is, when did Jesus become this fragile, weak image in constant need of your protection and defense?

I mean, the whole war over Christmas and now, this? It reminds me of growing up and being taught never to question God and then hearing the pastor of my current church saying, "Question Him! You think your puny questions are a match for His wisdom?" I was shocked--to be honest, I always questioned Him in the back of my mind about myriad things--but to find a pastor validating my very human nature? Amazing.

And so, I'm turning that question on the defenders of Christmas and the boycotters of "Daniel." Do you think Jesus is threatened by this? By any of our puny little human endeavors? As Christians, isn't there infinitely more important work you can undertake? If you're a Christian, shouldn't one of your primary beliefs be that Jesus can handle his own? Despite the persecution complex some of us have developed and seem intent on making others see, it isn't like Jesus and his followers haven't weathered far harsher times and places than 21st century, majority Christian, filthy rich America. If you feel the need to remain ever vigilant, visit one of the surprising number of Christian persecution websites and start a campaign to defend Christianity in the always-a-prime-target Middle East.

But back to "The Book of Daniel." The producers say their show is not a mockery or "satirization" of Jesus, that He will be portrayed as a spiritual guide. They also say--and hold onto your seats for this crazy, irrational thought--that people should wait to see the show before making judgments.

But let's envision the worst case scenario. Let's say that "Daniel" proves to be nothing more than a jab at Christ and Christians, a joke at our expense. Let's say we find it too offensive for words. And then, let's say, we simply watch something else. Let's say we put our money where our mouths are and assume that Jesus can outlive and outlast one puny TV show. I think He just might manage to emerge unscathed.

And for the Pat Robertson devotees, don't worry. The Bible quite clearly states in Galatians, Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. If the creators of "Daniel" go too far, there's no telling what kind of hurricanes and brain surgeries God may have in store for them.


RÉdeeM3D OňĒ said...

Hmm interesting blog. I notice we share the same style. In my blog i also mention about issues; world/local
as well as christianity.

Btw i'm from Singapore.

God Blessed

Courtney said...

You rock, Elle!

Elle said...

thanks courtney! and God bless you too redeemed one. for some reason, even after i republish my blog, i still can't see new posts, so i got your comments via e-mail!

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