Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things Seen 13

You know, I can't decide which perturbs me more.

1) The fact that someone thought this quote was plaque-worthy.

2) The fact that I was shopping for apothecary jars in a store that would sell these.

3) The fact that quite a few of them had been purchased!


Brian said...

I'd go with number 2. I mean, we know that lots of people liked Palin--perhaps they reveled in her nastiness, perhaps they bought into the idea that someone like them ought to be a heartbeat from the Presidency, whatever.

But number 2 hits a little closer to home, because if it's a small store, no doubt you have a relationship of sorts, perhaps with the owner, perhaps with the people who work there, and it makes you wonder how well you know them anymore. Did they stock them because they believe it, or because they thought it would sell? Et cetera.

Firouza said...

I think it's weird people would buy them. Maybe as a gag gift, but come on, where would you hang it? In the living room next to the family pictures?

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