Friday, January 02, 2009

Things Seen 11

Some people, for lack of a more accurate, clever phrase, really need to get a life or a clue.

My son and three of my nephews were watching Nickelodeon videos on youtube. I sent them scattering to straighten up my mom's room, the preferred location for video gaming. They left youtube open. My dad and I were in the kitchen, when all of a sudden, we hear "Taps" playing

"What in the world were they watching?" my dad asked.

"I have no idea."

"That is a sad, sad song," he said.

I gave some little noncommital agreement, then went back to cooking. I asked him was it only played at funerals and he said, "Oh, no. Sometimes when you get back from a battle, they play it in honor of those who died. It's especially hard on you when it's a good friend. I got so very tired of hearing that song in Vietnam."

I never think about things triggering my largely stoic dad, but this song had done it. After he went into the living room, I came to the computer to see what the kids could've been listening to that would've included the song. They had it on a Nickelodeon playlist.

The video was called "RIP Nickelodeon 1979-2004." Apparently, whoever posted the video was grievously upset by the decline in quality of Nickelodeon programming.

So upset, that not only did s/he inappropriately use "Taps," s/he likened the decline to rape.

Yes, you heard correctly; offering poor programming = rape.

The exact words:
There once was a time were [sic] a kids network channel awesome... Until it was raped and ruined... by these assholes...
At which point, the offenders are listed.

The belittlement and misappropriation of the word and the meaning of such a violent act make me both furious and frustrated.

There are no comparisons to be made--rape is like nothing else. It isn't funny, it isn't some rare occurrence that women largely makeup.

My point is, it is not something that we should be casual about.

And it is most definitely NOT like the alleged decline in Nickelodeon's programming.


dangerouslysexy said...

In world where common sense has become a rare commodity there's you so there's hope. Thank you.

msladydeborah said...


I do not have children at home any more and I seldom watch children's programs.

But I do have to agree with you on the use of the word rape in this case. It is totally inappropriate.

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