Friday, January 30, 2009

If Ever I Needed a Friday... is today. Whew.

I'm never one to keep up with the news like I should (Tren's best efforts aside), but the other day, I saw on the front page of one of the papers in the paper machines, "Obama Vows Republicans Will Be Heard." And I thought two things.

1) Why? We heard 'em for eight years and look at us. And their screechy, doom and gloom voices get on my last nerve anyway. Seriously, did any major Republican official between 2001 and early 2009 say, "Let's vow to listen to Democrats?" No, they did like white southerners did in the aftermath of the Civil War--instead of saying, "Hmm, maybe our cause and beliefs are seriously FLAWED. Maybe the times, they are a changing!" they dug in--I mean, even now some of them are talking about retreating further into their lunacy.

2) Damn, maybe I should be a Republican. I mean, when they win elections, it's a mandate that they are to be heard! When they lose elections, it's a mandate that they are to be heard! It's a win-win situation. You can treat people like shit, ignore (until it's time to reinforce their subjugation) the poor, PoC, women, the LGBTQI community and it's okay because GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE and YOU'RE THE ONLY "REAL" AMERICANS!! Aren't those, like, the most perfectly crafted excuses? Hell, anyone who disagrees with you is either going to hell or unpatriotic.

Anyway, I'm tired and so glad it's Friday.

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Brian said...

I comfort myself by thinking that President Obama is setting the Republicans up. He knows they're going to obstruct---it's all they can do at this point--so by listening to them, he comes off as the reasonable one. And when House Republicans in particular do what they did on the stimulus bill, then Obama is able to flip the script and say "we tried talking, but they didn't want to be a part of it."

That's what I'm hoping is happening. I also remind myself that Obama was nowhere near the most progressive candidate in the race, so I'm not surprised when he goes centrist.

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