Monday, October 13, 2008

So Familiar

If you ever want to know what is at the heart of my admittedly negative, intractable view of Republicans, here is a prime example of the Republicans I grew up around:

I came of age in an area where white people worshipped a president who seemed to despise poor people and people of color, in a state where a former grand wizard of the Klan attracted the majority of white voters in his bid for governor, in a community in which people intertwine their nostalgia for the confederacy and its this-is-white-man's-government mantra with their allegiance to a Republican Party that appealed to them with a wholly unsubtle southern strategy.

This guy, who is enraged at the thought that he might not be able to do his part to "keep the nigger outta office," is from a parish that borders mine.

Why anyone is shocked!!! at the response of some members of the Republican base is beyond me. Come to my neck of the woods.

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Also, read Kevin here.

Added bonus:

"Yeah, I'm a bad-ass non-repentant racist..."

"...depending on who's looking."

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Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

I shared your blog on my blog.

I'm surprised that none of my family members have forwarded this to me yet. Or bought that shirt. Sigh. How am I supposed to raise Ander and Loki to be good people in South Louisiana? {screams out loud in frustration}

And how am I supposed to drive behind that guy without an, opps, I rear-ended him? (Note to self: Be the better person, Kristy. Heck, it's not even hard to be the better person.)

elle said...

:-) it's not even hard to be the better person


This guy is in Florida, I think, but it just made me think of my LA experiences.

Re: your children. Keep in mind that we come from Louisiana and we see things differently than many people around us

Renee said...

As I said over at Kevins's I really don't understand the surprise that some people have displayed at the racism Obama is facing. Seriously this isn't at all new. It is not only the fact that a black man is running for president but the fact that there is an economic downturn, whenever that happens the brown people are always to black and the value of whiteness is increased.

RageyOne said...

I am so outraged about that shirt that I can barely see straight. I know I shouldn't be, but I am shocked that someone 1) had the nerve to wear such a shirt and 2) actually printed (and presumably) sold such a shirt. It never ceases to amaze me the depths that individuals will go to show their ignorance.

big sigh.

k8 said...

Ick! I physically jolted back in a cringe when I saw that. That just makes me ill.

Saran said...

Elle said: "Keep in mind that we come from Louisiana and we see things differently than many people around us."

That is so true! I am a native of New Orleans, now living in the DC area. It amazes and sometimes frustrates me how my black coworkers are so shocked about all of the racist overtones that have popped up during this election. Sometimes I want to scream, "You idiots, it's been here all along!"
Some Northerners tend to think that racism is only in the South, however as my husband (who is also a native of Louisiana) says, up here it's a "sophisticated racism". It's more subtle, sneaky, and hidden - but it's there. Whereas in the South, what you see is what you get - they don't hide it. Personally I'd rather know what I'm dealing with, than have you smile in my face while your Klan card is tucked away in your back pocket.

I work with a few African immigrants who have been here in this country for many years, adn are now American citizens. For the first time, since the start of the election, they are seeing and experiencing racism. One came to me and admitted that he always thought that African-Americans who cried racism were just over-exaggerating - until now.

Indi said...

While that shirt makes me nauseous, The racism doesn't surprise me.

And I (as a white person) notice all kinds of racist shit, directed to Obama and other, more general racism. And I'm sure there's tons more that I don't notice just because I'm too privileged and oblivious.


Kimberly said...

I'm not surprised in the least at the racism being shown. What drives me absolutely NUTS is the media pretending to be surprised. I do believe in some ways this has been incited by talks of Obama "not seeing America the way we see America" (Palin) and the like. But to believe that these nuts wouldn't have been so nutty had those words not been spoken or condoned by Palin/McCain is ludicrous.

To me, the atmosphere of hate seems more elevated because they have virtually invited this kind of hate at their rallies and the wing-nut bigots feel welcome now to openly express their feelings.

Truly digusting!

elle said...

Hey Ragey and k8!

Welcome, Saran.

Renee, I agree.

And Indi--it's been building all along, but this shit is getting ridiculous. These days, I don't think you can be oblivious to it--I tend to raise an eyebrow at people who claim to see no signs.

The thing about the media that perturbs me Kim, is that I bet some of the members of the media did work themselves into thinking we're "post-racial."

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