Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love Your Blog

BFP loves my blog.

::does southern (b)elle swoon::

Okay, with that out of the way, I'm going to do this meme, too. There are so many blogs I love, though I'll try to keep this (reasonably) brief.

No surprise that I have to reciprocate the love first. I love La Alma de Fuego and its proprietor. So much that I'll stop there to keep from embarrassing myself with further fan girl behavior.

And Just_Me, k8, and Ragey are all special to me. My blogging life would be a lot lonelier (more lonely?) without them.

Ms. Sylvia? Gets mindless adoration.

Matttbastard--my favorite funny, on point political blogger.

Kevin, who some time ago said of me
She’s one of those bloggers that once you start reading her, you feel like she’s your sister.
That was also swoon-worthy and so very special to me because I feel the same way. A funny, sweet, brilliant brother with politics I love. ::sigh::

Quaker Dave. He's just... Quaker Dave.

Noemi. I especially love the posts about Texas and the poetry.

My favorite Mami. She's just bad!

Liss. As I told her before, mrs. o and I sit and ponder how absolutely delightful she must be in person.

Renee. Always a breath of fresh air. She reminds me so much of my sister--she tells it like it is.

Speaking of telling it like it is:
  • WoC PhD, who's a personal and professional inspiration for me.
  • Nezua at UMX. (He's also one of the coolest people on Twitter :-)
Giftie Etcetera. It's like watching a life unfold through witty, self-assured prose.

And man, Kai's writing (and of course, the stuff he writes about!)

No, I did not list my WHOLE blogroll!


matttbastard said...

Dawww...*blushes* lookit you, all fulla love today. :-) *hugs*

bfp said...

I *love* seeing you do a (b)elle swoon. I love women who swoon. I must catch you! all the more reason to keep giving u truly deserved compliments! :-)

Melissa McEwan said...

I love your blog, too! It's truly one of my absolute favorites, and has been for a long time.


And I honest-to-Maude blushed to see I was included on your list.

Can we make a promise to each other that one day you and me and mrs. o will sit down and have a meal that stretches long into the wee hours together...?

elle said...

lookit you, all fulla love today

Feels like indigestion :-)
BFP, thank you. xoxoxo

Liss, you had me at "have a meal." :-p

Sylvia said...

Yay I am loved! ^_^

I've been in the process of writing a post in response to your question about hope for a while now. Argh hate busy-ness.

You are the awesomest sistorian ever.

k8 said...

Right back at you! Very kind of you, really. And here I had been feeling guilty about my excessive posting of photos rather than words (I will return to words one of these days).

noemimartinez said...

ah, thank you. You are loved as well. And the heads up of a few blogs I'm gonna go poke around.

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

In which Kevin ::Swoons:: right back atcha!

mamitamala said...

I am loving the love. I was gonna write a post about my fear and the very real possibility of being homeless pero I like this idea better. :)

JustMe said...

awww, thank you so much for this elle! i love you too!

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