Monday, August 25, 2008

Umm, Who, Exactly, Told You This Was a Good Idea?

Don't worry; I'm through talking about Obama-Biden for now.

"This" is using not-so-shredded-checks for packing material.

Can someone explain identity theft to the WHH Ranch Company?

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RageyOne said...

Oh my gosh is right! That is extremely dangerous. I used shredded material, sometimes receipts bank statements, and the like for packing material also. It is very convenient and easily found in my home. The difference is, my material is truly shredded! Has that company not heard of a shredder that creates confetti? That would make it much more difficult to do what those ladies were able to do. Furthermore, when I do use my shredded material for packing items, I stir it up. Further protection. In this day in age, one can't be too careful.

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