Saturday, August 23, 2008

Notes between Friends

Excerpts from a conversation between mrs. o and me on the phone this afternoon.

"mrs. o, what is he doing?"

"elle, i don't know. Joe Biden?"

"Girl, you know what I remember about him? 'Clean and articulate' and trying to discredit Anita Hill."

"Exactly. I'm trying to find out what the hell else he stands for."

"Did he even consider women like Sebelius?"

"Where is all the damned change? Another old white man?"

"I can't believe it."

"He's too smart for all this shit going on."

"I don't know. I'm trying to see the plan..."


Anonymous said...

seriously, talk about disappointment. when he based his campaign on change and changing the way politics was done, why go back to the old way and get another old white guy to "cover your bases" or your lacks. we picked you for being different! argh....

Kiki BE said...

a major let down...although I can't say I'm too surprised.

Kimberly said...

In my heart, I'm with you. Why not stay on message and get someone like Sebelius, Richardson (who's got mega foreign policy chops). Someone akin to them is who I'd want if you really talked about change. But I do see the flip side.

I work with someone I respect as a bonafide genius in what she does and someone who is absolutely generous, kind hearted and open-minded. I struggled recently after sharing lunch with her and finding out the things she believed about Obama and how scared she would be about the security of the nation if he - with all his inexperience - were to win. McCain and his experience as a POW surely qualified him in her mind. I almost had an arguement with her, but simply respectfully disagreed **coughshesmybosscough**. It's people like her that this pick reassures. She left me a message Saturday saying as much. Now I'm not saying she speaks for any kind of majority....but my guess is she has a similar voice as numerous swing voters who might feel somewhat more secure with picking him since an old white guy is backing him.

Having said that, I do wish that if he needed to choose the "safe choice" he'd have picked someone who hadn't said what Biden said.

Watching this whole thing has definitely been disheartening. I'm not surprised by his choice given the fact that after EVERY idiotic ignorant thing that McCain has said, he's actually gaining ground on Obama in the polls. Which, of-course, brings me back to my own skepticism as to whether America would really vote for a black candidate in the end, or if they'd find any excuse to vote against him. In Obama's mind, Richardson, Sebelius, etc, would have been too much change for the oh-so-valuable centrist swing voters that, so far, haven't enthusiastically swung his way.

I'm disappointed that he decided to play the game this way, but I'm not sure he stood a chance any other way besides picking a "safe" old white guy who didn't recently call him clean and articulate - which I would have preferred.

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