Sunday, August 03, 2008

In a Minute!

My son is at the point where he doesn't want to have to go anywhere with me (says I take too long in stores) but he wants to keep up with me. So, when I'm out, he'll call me a million times asking where I am and then, "Mama, when you coming back?"

After a while, I get frustrated and just answer, "In a minute!!!!"

Anyway, I'm flying out today to canvass things before the big move. I'll be back in a minute!!!!

In the meantime, my co-bloggers might drop some knowledge. They're all busy mommies with crazy jobs, so be patient. And just in case you don't know, here's a partial list of what we like:

Kim blogs about motherhood, politics, and keeps me up on the blogosphere.

mrs. o talks about education, politics, and the celebrity world.

And my cousin Trin, WHO KEEPS PROMISING TO START POSTING (no pressure, darling :-), is the newshound. I get most of my news from blogs, so if not for her I'd have no idea what (else) was going on in the world. Almost every news story I post needs to hat tip her.

Mm-kay. See y'all in a minute!


Anonymous said...

haha, i love that. i say that to kids all the time!

elle said...

How are you? I tried to read your blog some days ago and couldn't, so you've been on my mind.

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