Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Told You So

Didn't I say that it would be March and I'd be scurrying on the next chapter and the blog would still be pink?


Anyway, I just sent the incomplete chapter to my brilliant dissertater group. There is hope--their feedback from chapter 1 sent that thing from 12 stumpy pages to 30+ in a smaller font. I always like to turn in first drafts that are around 25 pages. Don't ask me why I get stuck on page numbers, I just do.

But, let me make a point. One of the silliest things I've ever done is stay isolated for so long while working on this degree. My advisor finally talked me into approaching my group (I knew all of them; they'd all been wonderful to me, but I was just so shy and so melodramatic--part of me wanted to feel alone in my suffering). They let me in :-) and, with their help, suggestions, and criticism, I've written more in a few months than I did the first three years of my program. I've also opened up to them more than I ever have to any therapist. And, you know what, highly-touted individualism aside...

Sometimes, it feels good to belong.

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