Thursday, March 02, 2006

For Annika...

Because I am incredibly lazy and because this story touches my heart, I present a plea stolen verbatim from Quinn's blog. Annika Tiede is a five-year-old in need of a third liver transplant, the result of a rare ailment. Her family is raising money because (in my own simplistic terms) their health insurance has already paid everything it's gonna pay this year.

Some you have probably already heard about Annika here or here or maybe here. Either way, know ye that there is need, and we can help. How many times have we started a sentence with "the great thing about the internet is..."? Well, here's a great thing the internet is doing. Blogging communities are getting together to provide donations and other assistance to a family in need. Of course, you can donate. But there are more ways to help. Do you want to buy a crafty gift for someone special? Do you make crafty gifts for special someones? Then check out the raffle. Or you can make a virtual casserole for Annika's family. And let's hope there will always be cake.

I'm going to see if I can get one of her links in my sidebar. I'm also going to hug my kid, who's greatest problem is remembering to regroup when he's doing subtraction.

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