Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lord Have Mercy

When I tell y'all I'm from the country... trust! The most exciting thing has been my goddaughter's unexpected run in her pre-school pageant. J decided last minute and we've raised $500 today alone. T's son is running for "king," too, so we've sold two sets of plate lunches, hotdogs, raffle tickets, etc. As conceited as we are, we're determined that they both win--I even bought Belle a blue dress to match T's son's baby blue suit. Pageant is tomorrow. I've been pursing my lips and blowing kisses as I solicit donations--all my feminist sensibilities leave when it comes to the children.

Gotta realize Elle loves the kids!

Well, off to make that money!

(You all know, of course, that I've written approximately one dissertation related paragraph?)


Dr. Mon said...

Sounds fun! Enjoy yourself girl! You can always find time for the diss--but you can't replace those moments with the fam.

Quinn said...

Mon, I appreciate that comment too, even though it wasn't directed at me. (I keep telling myself that every time I spend a day getting nothing done on the diss.)

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