Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Realization

Last night, I was shopping online for dinner plates and ran across this image*:

We've probably all seen similar descriptions before, but sometimes I am struck by how many times, in so many little ways, people of color are reminded that "white," in terms of race, is presumed to be the default or that white people are presumed not to "have" race in the same ways that we are.

We are "other" and the constant reinforcement of that is tiring.

*The image is of two bride-and-groom ornaments. The first, depicting a white couple, is labeled "Bride and Groom Ornament." The second, depicting a black couple, is labeled "African American Bride and Groom Ornament."


Anita said...

Not only that but also it costs fifty cents more.

When I was fifteen I had a Saturday job working in a small town clothing store which catered to black clientele. It slowly dawned on me that the layaway plan netted the owned far more profit that the outright sales ever could and that, in fact, he was no friend to the working people who shopped there. The clothes were stylish and customers came every week and paid, and paid, and paid. That was my introduction to the high cost of being poor in America.

Feminist Review said...

That extra 50 cents makes this even more absurd.

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