Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turns Out, My Shrill, Humorless Feminist Voice IS Needed

Just saw this on the teevee:

Flirty Girl Fitness

And look, now you, too, can learn to pole and chair dance while keeping the booty beat, from the comfort of your own home! What? You don't have the pole installed in your garage like I???

My sorta raison d'etre (feminist critique of popular culture) has just been affirmed.


Anita said...

The toxicity of our culture really is unmistakable. We need to give you combat pay for dealing with this stuff.

Anita said...

BTW - that first link will capture your screen, give you no exit and try to make you chat with an agent. This is what women need, no?

elle said...

I know! I should probably find the video on youtube, without the sales pitch.

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