Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teh Gayz: In Ur Homes, Confusing Ur Children

Are the people in charge of advertising for NOM made of epic fail?

OK, yeah, that's a rhetorical question.

This ad rehashes the tired old lines that people who are gay having rights and living their lives, is immensely threatening to children's well-being. But as Genia pointed out, it has an added message:
The latest* anti-gay marriage commercial uses really young and really cute white kids to spread the organization’s bogus message that gay marriage is a serious threat to society. I’m guessing NOM figured people would worry more about gay marriage if the lives of cute white kids were at stake.
Emphasis mine.

Some other things stood out to me as I transcribed the video. While there are three boys and three girls, only one of the girls speaks, while all of the boys do. Instead, the girls are directed to "look scared," from what I can tell. The boy who gets the most talk time is, not-surprisingly, fair-skinned and blond. And, as Liss noted when I e-mailed her the link,
I just LOVE how the final note is the kid saying, "I'm confused!" as if the world has to be structured so that it's easily comprehensible for children
I suppose this ad is a perfect one for modern-day social conservatism.

Transcript after the break.

LB = Little Boy; LG = Little Girl

LB1: Grandma, my teacher says… if grandpa was a girl, that’s ok! You could still be married.

Shifts to image of frightened/confused looking LG1.

Voiceover: If we change the definition of marriage…

LG2: God created Adam and Eve? That was so old-fashioned.

Voiceover: Our kids will be taught a new way of thinking..

Shifts to image of confused looking LG3.

LB2: He should’ve created Anna and Eve!

LB1: If my Dad married a man, who would be my mom?

LB3: I’m confused

Voiceover: Marriage is between a man and a woman. Call Governor Lynch today and ask him to support marriage by not supporting House Bill 436.

Genia hat tips Renee.

*The NOM site dates the commercial to Fall 2007--even before the madness that is the "Gathering Storm" ad. Apparently, they dusted it off, tacked on the stuff about [NH] Governor Lynch, and voila!


ZIRGAR said...

But NOM isn't really concerned enough about this issue or they wouldn't be putting those words and ideas into these kid actor's heads in the first place. So either they really know their position is BS or they don't mind exploiting these kids for their own ends, probably both. Of course their whole argument is flawed, but you'd think they'd have enough sense to at least be conistent about the issue.

And you're absolutely spot on about the kids being white. That's by desig too, to elicit the support of hateful base they know they know they can count on. "Oh, my god, them gays is puttin' all kinds of weird ideas into my little child's mind." It's shameful all around.

ZIRGAR said...

Sorry for all of the grammar mistakes in that last post. I'm a doof. lol

elle said...

It's ok! I'm glad to have you commenting here, and I have to make myself use the shift key and non-text message grammar most of the time!

ZIRGAR said...

Thanks for your understanding :-) You're doing amazing work here, my friend. Great work!

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