Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nativism 2.0

Emily linked to Uniball Roller, who shares the story of:
tender2be, a college student without a credit score, a [probably-off-the-books] job on the side, and a baby on the way, [who] wants to know how to get an apartment without a credit score or a cosigner.
Another LJer, brooklynknight, puts two and two together and quickly comes up with seven. In response to her query, he posted:
I... gandered at her Journal and looking at it (she lives on cash and refuses to get credit, her LJ is russian) and I got the distinct feeling she might be here on an expired visa.


if she is indeed an illegal immigrant then I have no desire to help her, I don't want her child born here either and frankly If I could prove she was an illegal I'd forward all the information on her I could get to INS/ICE.
Tender2be denies that her visa is expired and tells brooklynknight to
send your energy in more positive direction, 'd be better for you
Now, of course, brooklynknight's concerns have already been shaped by a misogynist nativism--the belief that tender2be is an immigrant trying to get over on 'the system' and the idea that immigrant women view their children as little more than assets through which they can attain a desired status (i.e. the anchor baby argument). There's also the fact that she repeatedly tells him she's not an immigrant (here on a student visa) but he argues with her about her own status until someone explains student visas to him.

After tender2be's initial response to him, brooklynknight's sexist/nativist tirade continues. Apparently, she was not sufficiently obsequious or threatened. He is offended by her tone and reports that he has exploited the perceived power differential between them:
In any case, the tempo of your reply has further raised my suspicions.

I've just sent all the information I've found on you to my friend at the local ICE office. If you're here legally, well you've got nothing to worry about and good luck!
He believes she is an undocumented immigrant, he claims to have just set her up for possible detention and deportation, and he signs off 'good luck!' As Emily says:
He thinks she'll be A-OK as long as she's got papers. Clearly, he hasn't heard of American citizens being deported.
Of course, when he is called out on his assholishness, he claims that he has nothing against immigrants--he just wants to make sure people "do it the right way."

The douchery... it boggles!


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ZIRGAR said...

Unbelievable. It's a shame that there are that kind of truly hateful people out there. I'm no longer surprised by it, it just fills me with anger and disgust. I hope she finds the help she needs so she can find a place to live, hopefully free from jerks like brooklynknight.

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