Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From the WTF Files...

I think it's bad enough the people over at AOL's Black Voices have nothing more to say about Michelle Obama's accomplishments than "Jackie O" would approve of her fashion sense. But guess how this picture was captioned?* Line One:
Everyone in her family looks well-dressed and well-behaved.
Well-behaved? I'm thinking about that one in so many senses:
1) So nice clothes are indicative of conformity to approved standards of behavior?
2) Does the caption-writer think they were trained, like dogs, in appropriate behavior?
3) Does the well-behavedness of white people get commented upon?
4) Damn, do we really act out that much that we have to be patted on our heads when we appear "well-behaved?"

The second line of the caption?
Michelle is a great mother, even while working to get a president elected.
Reinforcing for us, once again, that being a great mother is typically incompatible with any other type of work. Competent and efficient working mothers? That's an anomaly, apparently.

It (almost) boggles the mind.
*Actually, it looks like this image from another angle.


Unknown said...

Yeesh. Who'd they get to write the caption? Paul Harvey?

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Wow, what idiots...


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