Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Conferences and campus visits and conflicts... oh my!!

Today was a pretty good day though. I felt like posting, but I have little to report. :-)

I've been hesitant to admit that I'm having the interviews--campus visits--anticipation cycle, cuz if I don't get a job, I'll probably be embarrassed.

But oh, well, this is part of the academic life, right? And y'all will still think I'm cool, huh?

Plus, I'm not exactly miserable where I am and this could become more than a visiting position because of faculty retirements.

So, yeah, that's what's up. I've done a black history month presentation. I have two conferences coming up. And I'm going to the OAH--rural Louisiana girl in New York for the first time? I'm excited and TERRIFIED!! Will I get lost? Should I carry my purse?

So this semester is CRAZY--add in a little personal turmoil and you get elle in the perpetual state of "running behind."

I'm feeling a lot more confident in the Western Civ class. Way too many decisions about the Post 45 class (it's my field!! I wanna show clips from every relevant film!! Deciding the book/article list was hell--I wanted to include like, a hundred things!!). And the pre-1877 class is okay--but the thing is, I promise myself each semester that I'm going to be all comfortable with that class because I've taught it forever... and then I add or subtract something, shift focus, etc.

My kid had a cool science project on the water cycle. My sister's baby shower is March 8. My IRL and internet friends are the most supportive, understanding women in the world.

And I am tired.

But, for today, I'm okay.


RageyOne said...

best to you on the upcoming interviews.

Quinn said...

Echoing ragey, but also adding about the fear of NYC. I'm not exactly a small-town girl, but the first time I saw NY, I freaked out a little. I felt very claustrophobig, like I couldn't see the sky (western heritage, I guess), and sort of stopped in my tracks. Had to have my companions urge me on.

So it happens. But now, I kind of like it! (Although it would kill me to have to live there.) Besides, your companions will keep you safe. :)

Anonymous said...

i've been wondering what's going on with you! congrats and best of luck, etc on the campus visits! any exciting places? (for the jobs) and NYC can be scary, but i'm sure you'll be fine!

Professor Tracey said...

Good luck on your interviews. I just landed my first tenure track job. It was tough, so don't feel bad, it's not an easy process, so many politics.

NYC is awesome, keep an eye on your purse and have a blast.

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