Saturday, July 14, 2007

Damn! Even the Default Robots Are Male.

I went to see Transformers.

I came home and started reading up on it (yes, on a Saturday night).

Script writer Robert Orci on why Arcee, a "female" Autobot did not appear in the film:
I would have liked to see Arcee, but the idea of a female Transformer needs its own explanation, and there just wasn't going to be enough time. It would have been like, "Oh, that's convenient. They're trying to appease women with a pink Transformer."
Okay, is he saying:

1) All transformers are supposed to be the same (and, of course, male) so Arcee didn't fit?
2) Since women's primary purpose is sex object-ness and the (default male) transformers don't seem to have sexual urges, so Arcee didn't fit?
3) Since this was a movie about male figures engaging in the age-old battle to decide the fate of the world, Arcee didn't fit? (You know, let teh menfolk hash out the important stuff, then bring in the women?)

All theories aside, I really don't understand what he meant.


Quinn said...

So great that the presence of females requires explanation, whereas the presence of males is just de facto accepted.

Just goes to show, we're not really people (or robots, or whatever.)

Evanne said...

Sheesh! I always think these kinds of discussions should be passe but should isn't cutting it next reality is it? So I'm gathering there is a token female transformer but she lacks star power--so she was omitted from the movie?

Gwyneth Bolton said...

All theories aside, I really don't understand what he meant.

That's because you are a rational, logical and sane person. Stupitity rarely translates well...



Homeland Colors said...

They would have had to either use Arcee or make one up, and Arcee wasn't in the original series. If they made up characters they would have angered the fanboys. If they wanted to stay true to the original series Arcee had to be cut out. On the bright side, it had more female characters than 300 did.

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